Investing With Us

Thalatta.Investments, a division of Thalatta-Thalatta S.A., is built around the international real estate, engineering and tourism & hospitality expertise of its main shareholders and Board of Directors.
Our Greek business advisors, TPA (www.tpa.gr ), SALFO (www.salfo.gr ), JEPA (www.jepa.gr ) and Bahas, Grammatidis & Partners (www.bahagram.com) amongst them, reflect the extent of our involvement in these particular fields.

Thalatta.Investments, with its extensive knowledge and expertise of the Greek investing ecosystem, and the European and EU finance and co-finance sources, would consult and advise you expertly to any enquiries on merchant banking basis.

    About Us

    Thalatta-Thalatta S.A., is a relatively new Greek company of Swiss parentage, of half a century in real estate investing and asset management, in Switzerland, Germany and Greece.

    The international appeal of Athens and the Athenian Riviera is growing by leaps and bounds and its value potential equally so, aided by the Hellinikon project, an investment to probably exceed € 8 Billion and considered the larger and most exciting urban development in Europe, offering a Monte Carlo standards’ living environment. Kolonaki and the entire Athenian Riviera is benefitting from the Hellinikon project.

    Thalatta-Thalatta now expands the group’s Athens Kolonaki holdings, with a view of including them all in the new Greek portfolio, which together with the other older Greek property holdings, will be the Greek part of the groups’ European real estate assets’ business.