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Thalatta.Investments, a division of Thalatta-Thalatta S.A., is built around the international real estate, engineering and tourism & hospitality expertise of its main shareholders and Board of Directors.
Our Greek business advisors, TPA (www.tpa.gr ), SALFO (www.salfo.gr ), JEPA (www.jepa.gr ) and Bahas, Grammatidis & Partners (www.bahagram.com) amongst them, reflect the extent of our involvement in these particular fields.

Thalatta.Investments, with its extensive knowledge and expertise of the Greek investing ecosystem, and the European and EU finance and co-finance sources, would consult and advise you expertly to any enquiries on merchant banking basis.

    The sea, the sea, the endless Greek sea awakening the dry lands with endless sunny dreamy kisses.

    ‘Thalatta, Thalatta’ - meaning ‘The Sea, The Sea’ - was cried by the Myriads, the 10,000 Greeks in peril of enslavement in ancient Anatolia, upon seeing sea in the horizon, where ships to home would have been found. It has since served in the Western world, both as a cry of salvation and deliverance or as an invocation towards them.

    Greece and the sea - the place to let yourself adreaming, unless you are the type preferring Athens, to let you never sleep and forever afeasting.

    adreaming with us

    Is it magic? Is it a dream?
    It is both. It is called Greece!

    The magic is that you would think you are constantly adreaming.

    Sail on skippered yachts or climb up guided mountains of myths for days to remember, pictures of days of sun, days of sea, days of you and your person, with a drink in your hands, sailing towards the sun breezes soothing your mind.

    Diving in Athens’ bubbly many personas, her Spring morning smells,
    her Summer perfumed nights, her Autumn’s little summers,
    her Winter vigor and every night clubbing and reveling.

    Did you think it is New York that never sleeps?
    How wrong one could be?

    Letting us know your next pleasures’ plan

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